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Concept and Product Development

Tell us about your project! We can help in the creative/ideation process. We will help with the design of the item, create virtuals, and have many items on hand for reference of design, material, and quality.

Custom Manufacturing

Everything we produce is custom. Our factories are well versed in design and construction. Whether it be molded plastic, electronic chip programming, cut and stitch or metal work, we have a factory to get the job done.

Direct Sourcing

TMG has been manufacturing directly overseas since 1997. We have a vast network of proven and qualifi ed factories. These are factories we have visited and inspected and we pride ourselves in building relationships with our factory owners. With offi ces in Greensboro, Shenzhen, and Ningbo, sourcing directly allows us to off er you the best price on your custom project.

Product Safety Testing and Quality Assurance

We work with independent testing partners to ensure compliance with CPSIA, Prop 65 and other applicable safety requirements. The Murphy Group coordinates testing during production. We also implement third party inspections during production and then again before the products are shipped to ensure quality standards are met. The Murphy Group is also an FDA registered supplier.


Ocean or Air, we handle all of the logistical challenges. As with our factories, we demand a very high level of service from our forwarders.


Our high level of communication, timely quotes and response times sets us apart. Each one of our sales people have unlimited access to email and phone 24/7.